Instagrammable Salem: The 10 Best Photo Spots (2024)

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Looking for the best Instagram photo spots in Salem, MA?

I’ve got you covered!

Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts, a city that seamlessly blends rich history with a vibrant, modern culture. Known worldwide as the “Witch City,” Salem’s notorious past conjures up images of the 17th-century witch trials, making it an iconic destination, particularly during the Halloween season in October.

But there’s more to Salem than just its witchy reputation. Whether you’re visiting Salem in October, or any other time of the year, this city is a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy spots, from its cute shops and studios to its haunted, historic buildings.

After visiting the city and snapping some fun photos I’ve my own, I’ve put together this photography guide to help you find the best locations to strike a pose.

So grab your camera and throw on your witch hat. We’re about to explore the most Instagrammable spots in Salem, Massachusetts!

1. Salem Witch House

salem witch house photography

The Salem Witch House is the only structure directly tied to the infamous 1692 witch trials, standing as a haunting reminder of a tragic chapter in American history. As one of the best attractions in Salem, it offers a unique glimpse into the lives, beliefs, and fears of the people involved in the trials, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to understand this period in depth.

You’ll have to wait in line to get a photo out front, but it shouldn’t take too long. The best time for photography is after the site closes at 5pm.

2. Yellow Elephant (James Braden House)

yellow elephant

The Yellow Elephant, also known as the James Braden House, is an iconic and historically significant residence in Salem. Located on Federal Street between Boston and Flint. Nicknamed by the followers of a popular Salem Instagram account, the owners of this house go all out for Halloween. See if you can count the number of skeletons in the yard!

3. Ouija Board Museum

The Ouija Board Museum is a unique and intriguing attraction in Salem with the world’s largest collections of Ouija boards and related artifacts. Strike up a conversation with the owner who will share an unconventional perspective on the supernatural and who’s happy to snap a photo for you!

Also known as the Salem Witch Board Museum, the entrance can be found through the shop, Remember Salem. Entry costs $10.

4. Ropes Mansion & Garden

ropes mansion

The Ropes Mansion is an awe-inspiring 18th-century colonial Georgian house museum in Salem, renowned for its opulent gardens and rich history. As one of the finest attractions in Salem, it fascinates visitors with its well-preserved architecture, period furnishings, and its role in the film “Hocus Pocus,” making it a staple photo location for visitors.

5. Charter Street Cemetery

charter cemetery

The Charter Street Cemetery, also known as the Old Burying Point, is one of the oldest and most historically significant cemeteries in the United States, dating back to 1637. As one of Salem’s top attractions, it offers visitors a somber yet fascinating journey into the town’s past, with its centuries-old gravestones, notable interments including Justice John Hathorne from the witch trials, and its pivotal role in Salem’s history and heritage.

You’ll need to book tickets ahead of time to visit.

6. Goodnight Fatty Truck

goodnight fatty truck

Goodnight Fatty is a cookie shop in Salem with an almost cult-like following. This shop serves up some of the most delicious and unique cookies in town, offering a sweet treat to locals and tourists alike. Defying the traditional notion of a “cookie” with their innovative flavors and soft, chewy texture, these late-night baked goods have quickly topped the list of best places to eat in Salem, MA in October.

Grab a cookie before posing in front of the decorated truck out front, complete with a skeleton chauffeur.


Visiting Salem on a day trip from Boston? Here’s an idea for when you get back! Explore the historical sites and delicious eats from the North End and more with my free self-guided food tour of Boston. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Bewitched Statue

bewitched statue in downtown salem ma

The Bewitched Statue, located in downtown Salem, is a whimsical tribute to the popular 1960s sitcom “Bewitched” that filmed several episodes in the city. This bewitching attraction, featuring a life-size bronze statue of the show’s star, Elizabeth Montgomery, is a must-visit for fans, adding a touch of pop culture to the city’s rich historical narrative.

This is one of the most popular places to take pictures in Salem so you’ll have to wait, but it shouldn’t take too long.

8. Witch Museum

witch museum

The Witch Museum in Salem provides a deeply immersive and educational experience into the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. With its captivating exhibits, dramatic presentations, and historic artifacts, it offers valuable insights into one of the most significant and tragic events in American history, making it an unmissable stop in any Salem itinerary.

9. Haunted Happenings Marketplace

The Haunted Happenings Marketplace in Salem is a vibrant and bustling hub, especially during the Halloween season. It’s a must-visit spot in Salem due to its unique assortment of shops, food stalls, and entertainment options that brilliantly encapsulate the city’s festive spirit and deep-rooted connection with the mystical and supernatural.

There are numerous photo opps around the area, but my favorite is the set-up in front of Coven’s Cottage.

10. Witch Shops

witch shops
Pictured: Black Veil & Nocturne

Salem’s Witch Shops are a captivating attraction, providing an eclectic mix of mystical and magical merchandise that reflects the city’s unique history and culture. These shops, offering everything from spell books to crystals, are a must-visit due to their distinctive charm, making them a highlight of Salem’s mystique.

The Best Witch Shops for Photos:

  • The Black Veil: Part tattoo parlor, part shop, this spot has an iconic design worthy of a photo studio.
  • Nocturne: This store is full of Instagrammable corners and spooky reads.
  • Vamp Fangs: A gothic masterpiece on Essex Street.



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