Porto Instagram Spots: 19 Places for Perfect Photos (2024)

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Looking for the best Instagram spots in Porto? Look no further.

During my solo trip to Porto, I took some of my favorite all-time photos. From its enchanting river views to the tile-covered churches, this stunning Portuguese city is made to be captured on camera. Take a look at these photo spots below which includes the best viewpoints, Instagrammable restaurants, and some of the city’s most interesting street art!

Top 10 Porto Instagram Spots

Portugal’s second-largest city is full of picturesque locations just waiting to be discovered! This city’s unique blend of charming historic buildings and epic viewpoints offers endless Instagram-worthy spots.

Here are the top 10 Porto Instagram spots for anyone searching for a picture-perfect photo:

Gaia Cable Car

1. Vila Nova de Gaia Riverfront

Cais de Vila Nova de Gaia is one of Porto’s most scenic spots, offering stunning views of the Douro River and the city’s famous Ribeira district. Come for a wine tasting in the famed Porto port cellars and stay for the stunning shots of rabelo boats floating beneath the Dom Luis I bridge.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Vila Nova de Gaia is a great place to see Porto from a different perspective. Rather than looking down on the city, you’ll be able to gaze straight across the river at the colorful homes and historical edifices that are just begging to be photographed.

My favorite way to get there? A quick ride in the Gaia cable car!

2. Chapel of Souls

I already know you’ve seen the Chapel of Souls, or Capela das Almas, all over Instagram. This iconic church is famous for its stunning blue and white azulejo mural which depicts the lives of beloved saints Santa Catarina and São Francisco de Assis.

Unfortunately, this spot is on a busy street, so you’ll want to arrive early or act fast. The best way to get a shot is to pose against the side of the building, with the tiles filling the background behind you.

Address: Rua de Santa Catarina, 428

visiting the porto cathedral, one of the best things to do alone in porto

3. Porto Cathedral

Looking for the ultimate Porto Instagram spot? Look no further than the Porto Cathedral, or Sé do Porto.

While you’ll definitely want to check out the main chapel with its 18th-century redesign featuring a stunning altarpiece covered in intricate gold leaf detailing, save your photos for the hallways and inner courtyard where azulejo tiles line the walls and rose-colored windows bathe the space in ethereal light.

You’ll have to pay a small entrance fee of €3. When I was there, the line moved pretty quickly. Once you’ve toured the ancient church, head over to Calçada Dom Pedro Pitões for the perfectly framed shot in front of the cathedral exterior.

Address: Terreiro da Sé

TIP: This stunning Romanesque-Gothic structure is the most important religious building in Porto so remember to be respectful when snapping photos! (Don’t worry, though, everyone’s doing it!)

sao bento

4. São Bento Train Station

São Bento Train Station is more than just a transport hub, it’s a living testament to Porto’s history and culture. This railway station is over a century old and is adorned with spectacular blue tilework that narrates Portugal’s fascinating history

Address: Praça de Almeida Garrett

TIP: Visit on a sunny afternoon to capture the entryway lit up with warm, golden light. You may even catch a few generous sunbeams streaming in through the upper stained glass windows.

porto ribeira

5. Ribeira District

Head over to the vibrant Ribeira District, a UNESCO World Heritage site packed with narrow alleyways and traditional houses that exude old-world charm. The colorful facades, picturesque river views, and lively atmosphere make it a favorite spot for photographers.

6. Bolsa Palace

Don’t miss the Bolsa Palace which showcases Porto’s cultural and economic history through its unique architectural styles. From the intricate interiors of the Patio das Nacoes (Hall of Nations) to the stunning Arab Room and the Atrium with its sky-high glass ceiling, this palace offers countless backdrops for beautiful Instagram photos.

Also known as the Stock Exchange Palace, keep in mind you have to book a tour to enter.

Address: R. de Ferreira Borges, 253

7. Igreja de Santo Ildefonso

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso is my favorite church in Porto! This striking Baroque church is an important piece of Porto’s religious history. Its blue and white tiled exterior is a hallmark of Porto’s azulejo tilework tradition.

It’s pretty easy to grab a photo here since the church is tucked away from any main thoroughfares. Just keep in mind, there’s no going past the gate so you’ll want to get creative with your shot.

Address: R. de Santo Ildefonso 11

igrega do carmo

8. Igreja do Carmo

I know, I know, how many churches can there be on one list? I hear you, but listen, I didn’t make the photos go viral, I just tell you where to get the shots!

Igreja do Carmo is not the Porto photo spot to skip. This azulejo-covered building is the exact one I picture when I think of Porto! Truly the quintessential Portugal Instagram spot. Plus, right across the street is another spot on our list: Clerigos Tower. Talk about convenient.

Grabbing a photo here should be pretty easy, just make sure to time things right because in the afternoon, the shadows can get quite intense.

Address: Av. do Brasil, 694

9. Livraria Lello

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good. Livraria Lello, often considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, holds a special place in Porto’s heart (and my own!) due to its connection with author J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series.

Its neo-Gothic architecture, dramatic staircase, and exquisite woodwork are a totally magical setting for your next photo. Keep in mind that this line can get extremely long so make sure you book your ticket well in advance!

Address: R. das Carmelitas 144

crowd watches sunset at jardim do morro

10. Jardim do Morro

Jardim do Morro is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, right across Dom Luís I Bridge. This park is the ultimate sunset spot where crowds gather every evening to bid the sun farewell. Golden hues, cotton candy skies, and a 360 view of the river and skyline, this Porto Instagram spot has it all!

Address: Calçada da Serra, 143

Miradouros: Most Instagrammable Places in Porto

Porto’s miradouros are truly iconic. These Porto viewpoints are the best places to capture the city’s breathtaking scenery, and each one offers a totally unique perspective!

Check out these miradouros to snap photos at the most Instagrammable places in Porto:

11. Miradouro da Vitoria

See it all from this prime location in the heart of Porto. Enjoy a comprehensive view of the historic district and the Douro River, capturing iconic landmarks like the Porto Cathedral and the Dom Luis I Bridge. This spot truly captures the essence of Porto in one frame.

12. Miradouro da Rua das Aldas

Nestled atop the Batalha neighborhood, Miradouro da Rua das Aldas is a peaceful spot where you can take in the city’s intricate blend of traditional houses and modern architecture. The coolest thing about this spot is that it offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s evolving architectural landscape. The juxtaposition of old and new is an intriguing reason to pay this spot a visit.

serra pilar overlooking bridge and city

13. Miradouro da Serra do Pilar

This viewpoint is located on the grounds of the Serra do Pilar Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with breathtaking views of Porto’s skyline. Another popular sunset spot, you can watch the sun sink past iconic landmarks like the Dom Luis I Bridge and the Porto Cathedral.

14. Miradouro das Fontainhas

Miradouro das Fontainhas, located in the eastern part of Porto, presents a panoramic view of the city and the Douro River. Its beauty lies in its secluded nature, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city center. Its serene setting, coupled with the stunning view, makes it a fantastic Instagram spot for capturing the quiet charm of Porto.

Hidden Gems: Instagram Spots in Porto

While the well-known viewpoints in Porto are indeed stunning, the city also hides charming spots that are a little off the beaten track. These hidden gems offer unique perspectives and less crowded spaces perfect for capturing inspiring Instagram posts.

15. Capela do Senhor da Pedra

Capela do Senhor da Pedra is a uniquely placed church on the rocks of Miramar Beach in Gaia, a short distance from Porto. This intriguing location adds a note of mystery and allure, making it a significant point of interest for visitors to the city seeking less-trodden paths. Its unconventional architectural detail, with the entrance not facing the sea, offers an uncommon perspective, lending itself as an excellent, unique Instagram spot.

Address: Praia de Miramar, Gulpilhares


What are azulejos? Azulejos are white and blue ceramic tiles, traditionally hand-painted with intricate patterns and used to decorate walls, facades, and interiors in Portugal.

Historical significance: Azulejos in Porto trace back to the 15th century when the Moors introduced the decorative art form to Portugal and became widely used during the 18th and 19th centuries, adorning historic buildings, churches, and public spaces.

Their Moorish roots are why you might see a resemblance to some of the gorgeous castles in Spain, many of which make up some of the best photo spots in Seville and unmissable sights for any day trip to Cordoba.

Throughout Porto, azulejos serve as a living canvas that reflects the city’s historical events, religious beliefs, and daily life, making them a testament to the enduring artistry and craftsmanship of Portugal.

arrabida bridge view at crystal palace gardens

16. Crystal Palace Gardens

For some dreamy and romantic photos, hightail it to the Crystal Palace Gardens, or Jardins do Palácio Cristal. With a castle-like tower inside the colorful gardens, there are so many amazing Porto Instagram spots hiding in every corner!

Address: R. de Dom Manuel II

17. Largo da Pena Ventosa

Near the Porto Cathedral, Largo da Pena Ventosa is a well-known Instagram hotspot that’s still super easy to get photos at. This enchanting, narrow street in Porto has an authentic, historical atmosphere. The cobbled streets and quaint colorful houses are a shot you’ll cherish forever. Just be ready for a few stairs getting in or out of here!

view from clerigo's tower of porto old town

18. Clérigos Tower

Clérigos Tower is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, a tall bell tower that offers a panoramic view of the city. Standing at a height of 75 meters, this tower has one of the best views in Porto. From its peak, I was able to see the city and its red-roofed skyline from just about every angle.

Address: R. de São Filipe de Nery

19. Parque de Serralves

Parque de Serralves is a cultural that houses the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. Its extensive gardens, the modernist architecture of the Serralves Villa, and the unique Treetop Walk make it a highly significance Porto sight. These different elements offer a ton of varied photo opportunities, from modernist architectural details to immersive nature shots, making the park a dream location for Instagram photographers.

Address: R. Dom João de Castro 210

20. Passeio das Fontainhas Staircase

The Passeio das Fontainhas Staircase is an epic Porto photo spot with an amazing view of the Dom Luis I bridge. Bless whichever Instagrammer originally found this spot.

Locating the staircase may be a little challenging, but the exact address is below. On the way there, you’ll come across a stairway that guides you to a deserted building—this is the spot you’re looking for.

If the abandoned steps aren’t for you, try leaning against the concrete railing higher up.

Address: Passeio das Fontainhas 68

21. Kittie’s Rock

Kittie’s Rock is a hidden gem in Porto, named by a local Instagrammer and located near the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar. This location has an extraordinary view of the River Douro and bridge, presenting an unmatched panorama of Porto’s natural and architectural beauty. It’s a dream spot for Instagram photos, with the majestic rock formation serving as an impressive backdrop, and the expansive view of the city capturing the harmonious blend of nature and urban landscapes in Porto.


Love being near the water? Madeira solo travel was made for you! This Portuguese island is known as the Hawaii of Europe and is filled with exciting attractions like the Santana Madeira houses and the enchanting Fanal Forest. And speaking of islands, you might as well consider Azores solo travel while you’re at it!

Street Art: Best Photo Spots in Porto

Street art in Porto is a modern reflection of the city’s dynamic cultural scene, transforming ordinary walls into striking canvases. These artful displays not only embellish the city’s urban landscapes but also offer fascinating insights into the local culture, making them top-notch spots for capturing captivating Instagram photos

22. Joana Vasconcelos Mural

The Joana Vasconcelos Mural is a vibrant public artwork, located at Steak’n’Shake in Porto. It’s one of Porto’s most extensive public art installations, crafted from 8000 hand-painted tiles. The mural’s vivid colors and dynamic design make it an ideal Instagram spot, with the ability to bring any photo to life with its artistic backdrop.

23. Bordalo II’s Half Rabbit Mural

Acclaimed activist and street artist Bordalo II’s Half Rabbit Mural is a distinctive and innovative piece of street art in Porto. Its significance lies in its symbolic representation of the city’s creative spirit and urban artistry. The mural’s imaginative design – a half rabbit crafted ingeniously from discarded materials – makes it a compelling Instagram spot, providing a unique and thought-provoking backdrop for photos.


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majestic cafe
Cafe Majestic

Most Instagrammable Porto Restaurants

Porto is full of stunning buildings and its restaurants are no exception! Let’s take a look at the best cafes, restaurants and bars for all your photo needs.

24. Espaco

Espaco is a charming restaurant in the historic center of Porto known for its modern take on traditional Portuguese cuisine. It offers plenty of Instagram-worthy moments with its minimalist design and beautifully presented dishes. The best time to visit is during the evening when the ambient lighting creates a magical dining experience. Don’t miss out on their signature dish Bacalhau a Bras, a yummy cod fish recipe.


VINIUM is an elegant restaurant found in the heart of Porto and known for its exquisite wine selection and gorgeous interior with tons of vintage charm. The rustic brickwork and vibrant wine displays are the perfect backdrop. Late afternoons offer the best light for photography. The Presa Ibérica and a glass of Douro red wine come highly recommended.


When it comes to solo travel in Portugal, the choice between Porto and Lisbon is a difficult one since both cities offer such unique experiences. I was actually pretty surprised by how different each location was, even though they’re only a three-hour train ride away.

Lisbon solo travel benefits from a more energetic atmosphere, colorful Instagrammable places, great solo travel hotels, and plenty of things to do alone, like a day trip to the beautiful eco-friendly beaches of Cascais. Meanwhile, Porto’s charm lies in its picturesque streets, stunning bridges, and, of course, its famous port wine cellars.

26. Miradouro Ignez

Perched atop the city hills, Miradouro Ignez offers panoramic views of Porto, making it an Instagrammer’s paradise. This spot is especially popular for its stunning sunsets and their Francesinha, a traditional Portuguese sandwich widely considered a must-try in Porto. The golden hour, just before sunset, is the ideal time to capture the best photos here.

27. Café Majestic

Café Majestic, located on the bustling Rua Santa Catarina, is a historic café that exudes an old-world charm with its Belle Époque architecture. Besides being well-known for its captivating interiors, it’s also regarded for its delightful pastries, particularly the Pasteis de Nata. Early mornings are a great time to visit to avoid crowds and get the best shots.

28. Terrace Bar

Perched on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, you’ll find the Esplanada, colloquially known as the “Terrace Bar.” This spot boasts an impressive patio with unobstructed views of the Douro River and the city of Porto. This venue could easily be among the most photogenic restaurants in Porto.

The ambiance here is pure romance throughout the day, but reaches its peak as the sun sets. Capture a picture-perfect moment with a sophisticated cocktail in hand and stay until twilight to witness the city light up under the night sky.

BONUS: There’s a great little concrete slab next to Espanlada with some pretty epic views located just before you reach the bridge. Totally free to visit!

PS: If food and photography are your things, I’ve got a Spanish city that’s right up your alley! Many of the best Madrid Instagram spots are food-based locations, like the famed market, Mercado San Miguel.


porto photo spots
porto instagram spots pin


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